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Final Fantasy 7 fixes longtime music bug in new versions

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Fans of the legendary RPG Final Fantasy 7 have had to contend with a certain bug for a long time. The bug is relatively simple, but consistently infuriating to those that notice it. The issue involves the music that plays on the overworld map. Under normal play, there are various musical tracks that play during overworld travel, and when you enter combat or new scenes and maps, another track would load in and play for that area. A problem arises when players would return to the overworld, as the music would pick up from the beginning of the track that was last playing, rather than starting the track from the timestamp it left off at. But now Final Fantasy 7 on Switch and Xbox One has a solution to this issues, thanks to a patch from the developers responsible for the various ports.

Fans of the game were dismayed to find this bug present in the ports on Xbox One and Switch, but at this point they had accepted it as a fact of life when playing Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix has not finally gotten around to fixing the issue, as well as a small batch of other minor bugs, but only for these newest versions.

The root cause of the issue seems to be a problem that surfaced in the PC port of the RPG back in 2012, which was also present in the PS4 release of the game from 2014. Sadly the PS4 version still has this audio issues, as it appears the audio track buffer is still absent or bugged on that version.

Another long-standing bug that causes screen transitions to flash sometimes has also been addressed with this update.

Final Fantasy 7 and its 1.01 patch are available now on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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