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How to farm Copper Ore in Guild Wars 2

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You will want to farm many different crafting items over your time in GW2. The amount of crafting you can do is pretty nuts. When leveling crafting in GW2, you have a lot of materials you will need in each tier. And it takes time to get them. You either need to farm Gold to buy them or you can farm them yourself. But when it comes to low-level items, it might just be better to buy it on the Trading Post. But if you’re really not into that, here’s where you can go. Copper Ore in Guild Wars 2 is the focus of today’s guide.

How to farm Copper Ore in Guild Wars 2

Gathering nodes will be the best way to find both ores and jewelcrafting mats. Copper ore can be found in any zone around or less than level 20. Being a beginner material, it’s very plentiful if you know where to look.

Here are the zones to look in:

  • Caledon Forest (1-15)
  • Metrica Province (1-15)
  • Queensdale (1-17)
  • Plains of Ashford (1-15)
  • Kessex Hills (15-25)

If you don’t want to deal with finding nodes in these zones, there’s another way. You can focus on trying to get the Small Bag of Goods from various bandit mobs. The Small Bag of Goods drops from the Bandit Supply Sack and Bandit Loot Chest. The Bandit Supply Sack is an interactable chest found in Kessex Hills. You can find it near the level 15 “Help Waldo Flood take revenge on local bandits” Heart Quest. The Chest can be found in the Gnashar’s Hills sub-region of Brisban Wildlands. Look near the Level 20 “Hinder Scotta’s bandits” Heart Quest spawn.

This can also be scavenged from level 0-20 armor and weapons. But since level-scaling is a thing, your loot at level 80 won’t be the correct level. You need to farm for low-level items for salvaging on an appropriate character. But with the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, you can at least speed up the farming a bit.

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Once you have a good supply of it, use your various crafting professions to smelt most of it into Copper Ingots. This is the first step in mass-crafting to speed level professions, and can be used to get the first ~25 ranks in most professions with enough ore.

Should you farm specifically for Copper Ore in Guild Wars 2, or really any other low-level materials? Not really. There are so many better items you can farm for that are worth a lot more. Copper Ore can easily be bought on the TP in bulk, and that means farming low-level items in the hundreds really isn’t worth your time. It’s better to go do level 80 content and salvage or sell the rare drops. That gives you both Silver and sometimes Gold, as well as high-level mats.

So for most players, it’s better to get to level 80 and you’re good to get started farming. You can do anything you want once you hit level cap. You can even get into PvP and earn some gold. WvW reward tracks give out tons of chests every few minutes, and these often give high-end mats and Gold. You can even find resource nodes out in the maps in Synthesizers.

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