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Total War: Three Kingdoms showcases map and factions in new trailer

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Sun Jian In-Engine Trailer

Creative Assembly and Sega just released a new trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms. In it, we get to see one of the in-game factions, as well as a tease of the campaign map.

Total War: Three Kingdoms takes place during one of the bloodiest periods of China’s history, when the country was split between the Wei, Wu and Shu dynasties, and features a gorgeous campaign map which brings the time period to life. And given that it’s new territory for Creative Assembly to explore, let’s hope that the game can do justice to the historical source.

As far as actual content, we don’t know much about how the campaign will play beyond a few basics.

The standard historical campaign will place players in control of a single character at the head of a Dynasty, rather than as a more generalized faction as a whole like in previous titles. This means that the gameplay will have a bit more of an adventure feel to it as your character is discovering new artifacts or engaging in battles as a hero unit. It sounds pretty cool all in all.

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There’s also a “Romance” mode that provides the game’s heroes with super-charged powers as is intended as a fantasy mode for players that want that. It’s directly inspired by the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A novel series that portrayed the time period as source of myth and legend, with superhuman strength and zeal defining the many characters. That novel has inspired many games, including Dynasty Warriors and an ongoing series of games with the same title.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released exclusively for PC sometime in Spring 2019. Those interested can check out the new trailer for Sun Jian down below. That trailer also showcases some basic elements of the campaign map, so it’s worth a peek.

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