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Arc System Works teases new Guilty Gear, due in 2020

New Guilty Gear Due in 2020

Legendary fighting game name Arc System Works took to the stage at EVO 2019 to reveal a new fighting game they’re working on. This new game is actually a mainline entry into the beloved Guilty Gear franchise. Arc has been working on this franchise for more than a decade, affording them tons of time to perfect the formula. And with the last series of releases being Guilty Gear Xrd and its offshoots, the bar was set pretty high.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of gameplay, but we do at least have a couple of roster confirmations to draw from it. For one thing, series staple Sol Badguy is making his return. He takes on another constant in the franchise, Ky Kiske. These two are ultra-powerful and many would consider them fan favorites, so it’s pretty much a given that they would be included.

Check out the teaser trailer for the new game down below. The new Guilty Gear will release in 2020.

Arc is well known for being an excellent publisher and developer of fighting games. The Japanese company has been around since the late 1980s, becoming extremely well-liked for their 2D fighting games. So all that means is that fans are extremely excited about such a legendary franchise getting a new entry.

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The game seems to be based around a revamped version of the same engine that’s running Dragon Ball FighterZ. So that likely means that this is going to be a rather strong fighting game, with both an expansive roster and plenty of cool gameplay elements. Gameplay modes and other features haven’t been revealed yet, so we will just have to wait for more news.

There is plenty of other fighting game news coming out of EVO and the surrounding weeks to peruse though. Tekken 7 is getting two new DLC characters for one thing. And speaking of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Janemba is coming in as a DLC fighter for that game.

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