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Surviving Mars will have two new difficulty modes, Sagan and Da Vinci

Surviving Mars adds free Da Vinci and Sagan updates

In future free updates, Surviving Mars is about to make it a lot harder to survive the barren landscapes of the red planet. The survival game from Haemimont Games is adding two new updates, both of which add new features and gameplay modes.

The Da Vinci update will unlock a “Creative Mode” equivalent within the game. This will allow players to survive indefinitely without any real hassle. This much easier mode is designed around allowing players to test new build ideas and just to screw around. So if you’ve wanted to be more creative while taking a stroll down easy street in Surviving Mars, this is the update for you.

The Sagan update significantly ramps up the challenge in comparison to Da Vinci. This update will bring in dozens of new challenges, and a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This all ties into the core feature of the patch, allowing players to tweak their game starts and settings to much more granular level. Sagan will let players experience the most difficult Surviving Mars games yet when it releases.

Both of these updates will include a variety of smaller changes, bug fixes and optimizations to improve the base experience as well.

Surviving Mars  is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, OS X, and Linux. The Da Vinci update lands today, and the Sagan update will come next month.

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Da Vinci features include:

  • Fit as Fiddles – No need to fret over these super-powered colonists as they cannot die from starvation, suffocation or exposure. They’ll stay healthy and happy never dropping below 50 health or sanity no matter what your creative mind cooks up for them.
  • More Money, Fewer Problems – Kick off your adventure with a cool $100 trillion in funding burning a hole in your rocket, no questions asked.
  • A Stroll Down Easy Street – Building your dreams has never been easier with buildings that not only don’t require resources to be constructed but also can never malfunction due to lack of maintenance.

Sagan features include:

  • All Outta Luck – Face 30 new major challenges in separate playthroughs each with their own parameters for success, including sponsor, commander profile, active game rules and map coordinates.
  • Not All Wins are Created Equal – You may have risen to the challenge but it’ll take a true strategist to master it. Each challenge will have an associated rating and it’ll take speed and skills to achieve an “Excellent” rating – otherwise, you’ll have to settle for “Good”.
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