Null Sec Alliance Drama

PL Resets S2N & Other N3 Alliances, Kills N3 Caps


Pandemic Legion, long-time Nulli Secunda ally and N3 associate, has reset their relations to neutral with almost the entirety of the N3 coalition outside of the Drone Regions.
A source within PL provided the details of the reset:

N3 Renters [Non-Drones Holdings]
Solo Cartel – ( Sant Jon ) [ Detorid ]
Brothers Of The Dark Sun – ( lling yang, Amelia Aurilen, Amalie Echerie ) [Detorid]
People’s Liberation Alliance – ( Vincent Mancini Corleone ) [ Detorid ]
Fortis Et Certus – ( Nonoko Chent-Shi ) [ Omist ]
The Pestilent Legion – ( Hellion Vlad ) [ Detorid]
Invidia Gloriae Comes – Aidan Warden [ Insmother ]
Independent Operators Consortium – Kregan Gadhar [ Omist ]
Creative Tendencies [ Impass ]
Novaku Alliance. [ Wicked Creek ]
N3 Alliances [Non-Drones Holdings]
Nulli Tertius [ Feythabolis ]
HUN Reloaded ( Tusko Hopkins, Kard Fater, DeviantAnt, Noel Wilbury, Ivan Tukachev )
Fraternity. ( Wind Spirits )
Cult of War ( Teraeyes, Brethana, Milek, satans lovechild, xRatchetx )
The Unthinkables ( Space Chutney, Tempest Borne, Tempest Zeta, Assassin, Master Kent )
The Predictables
Gentlemen’s.Club –  ( Rhaeghar  )
Darkness. ( Sort Dragon, Vigilante )
N3 Alliances [Based in Angel space but with a handful of Etherium Reach systems]
The Kadeshi ( Mirko Stinkz, Ltd Spacepig, Awatar, Cobra Kanwari, Rondra Kanwari, Kor Kanwari, Dinghy Young )
Caladrius Alliance ( Dexsar, Nendo yama )
Shadow of Honor. [Dead Alliance]
Explicit Advisory [Dead Alliance]

That’s non-drones N3 renters. They are free game for subcaps, caps, supers and titans. We’ve also told N3 proper alliances (nulli, kadeshi, darkness etc) that we are now weapons-free on their supers.

PL pilots have been quick to take advantage of this massive swath of the galaxy being opened up to hunting. N3 capital ships are appearing on the PL killboard – here’s just a sampling: Archon, Anshar, Archon. Ender Hawk of Sniggerdly has gone on a particularly successful spree.

Clearly, Pandemic Legion is planning on ushering in Phoebe with a bang. It remains to be seen just how their reset of one of EVE’s largest coalitions will shake up the political map.

It seems that PL’s intent to return to “fuck everything” merc group is rather clear as of now.  They seem to be as deadset as possible on shaking up the stagnation in NullSec.

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