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Alliance Updates are intended for an internal audience and should be considered propaganda or taken with a grain of salt.

This update will cover what we will be doing for the next 10 days right up until the release of Phoebe and how you can get ready.  Please read the entire post thoroughly and work hard over the next week to findtime to complete any preparation that you don’t already have done.  Most of you won’t need to do anything, for the rest of you this should take virtually no time to get ready.  Our plans for Phoebe are simple, and we’re incredibly excited about some of the ideas we have for these new game mechanics. Here are the 5 steps/announcements/stuff of our simple Phoebe plan:

1) We will be moving everything out of Tartoken and deploying to a new staging system on Sunday, November 2nd:
        The exact time of the move op will be posted on the calendar this upcoming Sunday after our corp leadership meeting, but expect it to be around the 19:00-20:00 range.  There has never been a more important move op, if it is at all possible for you to make it to the scheduled move then you need to do so.  I know this is cutting it close to the November 4th Phoebe patch, but because we only have dreads, carriers, and subcaps in Tartoken, this should be a move we are capable of making successfully before the jump drive changes.  We have very good reasons for waiting this late to shift to our final destination before Tartoken, and they outweigh all of the obvious issues that moving this late might cause.  We will do our best to run what is basically a constant cyno route to our new staging system for the 48 hour period between when we move and when the Phoebe patch is deployed.
        However, I know there will be some of you that will legitimately not be able to make any move op between Nov. 2nd and Nov. 4th.  If you know that you will not be able to make those ops, or are in any way concerned that you could miss those ops, then you should pack up all of your things and talk to your corp members to help get them moved during the move op.  We will be making more than one trip to go back and get all of the capitals and subcaps, so there will be plenty of opportunities for your corp mates to get your stuff moved.  You have 8 days to determine whether or not you will be able to make the move op and plan accordingly.
I can not stress this enough, and will be pinging about this every single day until Nov. 2nd, BUT YOU NEED TO EITHER MAKE THIS MOVE OP OR GET YOUR TARTOKEN STUFF TO SOME CORP MEMBERS BEFORE NOVEMBER 2ND.
         If you have pvp assets in Kheram that you would like to move to our new staging system, then you need to move those assets to Tartoken before the move op.  Our new deployment will still be a combat deployment, so you still only need your combat assets.
All Titan and Super pilots have different orders that are on the supercapital forums.  If you are a super and titan pilot and do not have access to those forums, that sounds like a problem you should get fixed.
2) You need to finish training the mandatory jump clone skills we asked you to train during the Tartoken move op.  For those of you who don’t remember, these skills will be mandatory for everyone to have by November 4th (you can easily train all this in time):
Infomorph Psychology V
Infomorph Synchronizing IV
Advanced Infomorph Psychology IV
        We would actually like everyone to have all those skills ready by November 2nd, as we will be strategically placing jump clones during our move op (as well as during the week before it).  However, if you are going to be cutting it tight to make the deadline, We would rather you train Informorph Psychology V first, then Infomorph Synchronizing to IV, then Advanced Infomorph to as high as you can get it before the op (and then obviously finish it to IV as soon as possible).
        Every combat pilot, including dread and carrier pilots (but not supers or titans) is required to have these jump clone skills trained.  This is as mandatory as mandatory things get as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a quick train, but more importantly, so much of our plans post-Phoebe will revolve around our new Jump Clone strategy.  We will go over in detail our methods and plans at the Nov. 2nd meeting, but for now you need to start minimizing the amount of jump clones you have for personal use.  With the required skills trained, you’ll be able to own a maximum of 9 jump clones.  Right now we are trying to decide between requiring you to have 5 or 6 of your jump clones reserved for alliance use.  It’ll be at least 5 (but I’m pushing hard for 6).  This will leave you 3 or 4 jump clones for personal use.  If that’s not enough for you currently, then you need to find a way to make that enough.  I wish we could be flexible on this, but we can’t.
        Orders for where to place the jump clones will come out this Sunday after our corp leadership meeting.  This should give people who can’t make the Nov. 2nd move op plenty of time to teledeath and install a jumpclone somewhere.
3) Once you have finished training the required jump clone skills, we need you to spend 4 days following these skill training orders:
        While not as crucial as the jump clone thing above, it is very important that we get as many of you as possible to follow these next instructions before November 2nd.  The more of you who do this, the more effective we will be:
On any account you own, pick a character that you think you will lose the least post Phoebe (or make a new one if you have an open slot).  It’s important that this character is not your main PVP character, or isn’t a character you plan on Jump cloning a lot.
You will then pause the skill training on this account for whatever character is training so that you can train the 4 day skill plan below.  This is why it’s required for you to finish the jump clone skills before training these skills.  I know that no one likes wasting skill training time, but this is a 4 day skill plan for even the most basic character.  All we are asking for is 4 days.
The skills you need to train are listed in this forum thread: http://forums.nullis…and-aid-fleet/
If this character is not  currently in a nulli corp, he doesn’t need to join one yet, we will take care of that on November 2nd.
4) We are relocating Nulli’s home base/asset storage location from Kheram to UW9B-F in Curse: http://evemaps.dotla…ap/Curse/UW9B-F
        We told everyone a few weeks ago that we would be discontinuing Kheram as our home base as it is no longer practical to keep assets their with the Phoebe changes.  We have finally decided on UW9B-F as a place that fulfills the most of our needs in a “home system” for whatever that will mean in a post-Phoebe world.  UW9B and it’s adjacent system have good 5-LY jump ranges for various jump routes, and of course some of you will remember that this was the same system we used to pool our assets after the 0-W hellcamp.  Some corps already have offices, and there are plenty available either in system or within one jump for every corp to have an office.
        Basically, everything you have now in Kheram that you don’t want to leave in high sec and don’t want to take to our next deployment, needs to be moved to UW9B-F.  The focus should be on things that can’t be moved in a jump freighter, as JFs will still be able to move around pretty freely post patch.
5) There are no orders to evacuate anything out of any conquerable space that we currently own.  However, if you have things in a conquerable station that can not be moved with a Jump Freighter, and you do not want/need to keep it in the conquerable station, then the place you should move that stuff to is UW9B-F.
        Basically, there is no space we are planning on purposefully conceding or not defending.  So if you are doing industry things, or ratting things, or whatever down in our sov, then there is no reason for you to evac those assets unless you feel that you wouldn’t be able to get them out quickly in an emergency.  If you have assets that are much larger than a few jump freighter runs (a.k.a you’ve been saving cap parts for a super/titan), or have assets that can not physically fit in a jump freighter, then you will need to discuss that with your corp leadership after this upcoming Sunday.  Your corp leadership will be getting information as to what we plan to do with things like super and titan building and other heavy assets of that nature on Sunday, and will then plan accordingly on what to do with your stuff.
That’s it, do those things.  Morale speechs and narrative crafting and shit like that will be saved for the November 2nd alliance meeting.  You should all make an effort to ensure that not only are you prepared and finished with all of these things, but that your corp is as well.  I’ll be pinging this thread and information about it every day multiple times a day.  We will still be running fleets from Tartoken, so there’s no need to leave here except to do stuff that is detailed in this post.
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