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More HERO Drama, A Potential Coup, PL Acts Like a Crazy Ex-Wife [LYCHTON RESPONDS]

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In a somewhat shocking but not unexpected development, BNI leadership has been forcibly handed over from former CEO Lychton Kondur.  His successor is apparently Malanek Askelus.

A series of Leaks, Soundclouds, and streams have been published that confirm this development.  Apparently, a sizable group of CEOs of corporations within the alliance approached Lychton about his decisions or lack thereof, ultimately leading to the loss of Catch. And this group instigated a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Lychon, resulting in a transfer of power. Malanek announced the change via Mumble.

Allegedly, it was discussed that a large scale departure of membership from within BNI was on the table.  But a vote was taken at this time to remove the control of the executor corporation from the initial one to a new one controlled by Malanek.  A Reddit thread on the subject was published and can be viewed here.  As expected a fair amount of drama has spawned from this announcement.  A number of people are actually calling this an elaborate “April Fools” joke on the line members.  But a deluge of information has come out, and seemingly verifies the occurrence as legitimate.  From a Twitch stream of Malanek’s mumble announcements, to the changes to the executor corp, this alliance mail, and the thread from PL member Elise Randolph which talks about the PL attitude and reaction to the loss of Catch.

This is a totally accurate representation of Elise’s statements.  Do not dispute me, this is totally accurate.

It’s interesting to see the Alliance mechanics that most don’t even know exist get used when needed.  Sadly, this happened at a very crucial and potentially damaging time for HERO; the next few days will be vital, and there is little doubt that meta-gaming and trolling will be high in this time.  As a result, I expect a lot to change in terms of “little things”.  Reorganization, streamlining, and downsizing will likely occur en masse.

Let us also not forget that Lychton has always been there for BNI/HERO even at the worst of times.  It’s entirely likely that without Lychton, Brave wouldn’t quite be what it is today and although his departure from the role of executor is involuntary and enacted in an unfortunate way, his contributions to Brave should be commended and remembered.

Lychton Kondur has responded on Reddit.  The biggest point of contention that will no doubt hang over the negotiations and PR of BRAVE/HERO in the future in the short term is the retention of shares for behind-the-scenes control of the alliance.  This is an obvious action that anyone wishing to not see the thing they helped build destroyed.  Hopefully, this can means little in terms of negative change for the organization.  Full response below:

Brave Collective,

The past few weeks have been an exercise in restraint, patience, and spacepolitiks. I woke up to learn that the overwhelming number of directors and CEOs had exercised the corp voting mechanic in order to remove me as Alliance executor while I was asleep last night. Furthermore, this was on the heels of being advised daily by my core leadership circle leaving me in the dark about upcoming plans.

Let me say that I am thoroughly disappointed by the actions of my space peers. However, if there is one thing that is paramount, it is that BNI, BRAVE, and HERO have a mission to harness the enthusiasm and power of the newbro. With that said, I will not let personal anger or frustrations jeopardize the progress that we have made thusfar. Now, let’s get ready to rumble:

I hold no official position as to the status of BRAVE remaining the leader among equals with our coalition partners within HERO. If the alliance rostership wishes to remain, so be it. For the alliances that are one foot out of the door already, I will be coordinating with Malanek to add you to the targeting list.

Within BRAVE itself, while I am troubled by the method by which the council sought to remove me, and their (self-perceived) short sightedness, I am not going to challenge Malanek in terms of holding the Executor role. In addition, I am looking into passing the reigns of Brave Newbies Incorporated over the next few days, weeks, whatever. I have not confirmed who my successor will be, but you will all know if I elect to go down this path. If I do not find someone suitable, well, it looks like we are all going to have to play nice.

Now, I am going to hold Malanek to task for performing under this new capacity. As such, I am keeping 100% of the shares for all BRAVE related entities. BNI, B-BRV, TLOGI, DOJO, U-W0T, BPRIV, and a few more that I know I am forgetting. Malanek will retain full operational control of the alliance, but should he go rogue, I will use the corporate share mechanism to retake control. I do this not to be obstructionist but to preserve the core value of BRAVE until I trust that his intentions are pure for the long term. If Malanek proves to be a focused leader that is beneficial to the Collective, I will then release the majority of those shares to him. Trust, but verify.

Lastly, I am dissolving the 501c3 corporation that we created IRL. Lquid Drisseg and Bronopoly will be stripped of the Officer powers, and I have temporarily suspended the [email protected] service, as it is tied to my real life financial accounts. Once a new paypal account is established, I will immediately transfer all remaining assets to the new account and then walk away from the rl money mgmt corp. In the near term, the deal with our merchandising needs to be revisited by the new executor, as the current payment disbursement mechanism is no longer an option.

To all the newbies in our great Alliance, thank you for letting me be the one to hold this gigantic bag of cats for the past 18 months or so. It’s been a great experience, growing this organization to where we are today. I am not leaving BNI or Brave for that matter, although I am going to use this free time to enjoy not dealing with multiple problems per day.

Malanek, I’m here on skype. We should set aside a few hours so I can catch you up on all things Eve, meta, and your new enemies lurking in the shadows.

7o, Lychton Kondur

CEO, Brave Newbies

Brave Collective

Tl;dr – this is my official statement. I will not clarify any portion of it.

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