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The 6 things no Path of Exile player can live without

Path of Exile 3.13 - Echoes of the Atlas announced

These six tools are the first volley of any POE player’s arsenal. Playing without these tools will hamper nearly every aspect of the game. Trading, crafting, all of it. You will likely encounter all of these game systems at some point, even as the most casual player. For that reason, it helps to have information. These POE addons will make it far easier to see everything about the game.

From planning builds and gear, to crafting and trading, these tools have it all. And since this game is so complex, you will want to learn as you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting for rare items or trying to speed up in maps, there’s something to help with that. These tools and addons are the best at helping you learn the game and its players. Or maybe you just want to be a better player. Here are the six tools that no Path of Exile player can live without.


POE Trade POE Addon

POE.Trade is the trading site that started it all. Without this site, the Path of Exile community would still be stuck on forum threads and the terrible in-game chat. That’s kind of by-design, as GGG wants the game to be hard, and they view trade as too easy a pathway to power. So they design trading less around accessibility and more around being an absolute nightmare.

POE.Trade makes finding items you want to buy, and sell, so much easier. With a robust and granular search function, you can easily find any piece of gear, Map, or currency item in your area as fast as possible. It has become so popular that GGG basically cloned it and created an official trading site.


Path of Exile Trade

POE.Trade became so popular that it going down was toxic to the game. Seriously, if POE.Trade was down, many players just logged out, that’s how important trading is. It’s also the reason so many have clamored for an auction house of some kind in-game, but that’s a topic for another time.

Anyway, Grinding Gear Games made the core idea of an official trading site very similar to the community version. It’s just as easy to search and trade for items, and both sites use the same API, so they share the same item listings. It’s really a choice of preference which one you want to use.

POE Trade Official


FilterBlade POE Addon

Loot Filters are the most important addon for Path of Exile, bar none. These simple XML scripts filter out all the junk on your screen, making it so much easier to pick out the valuable loot. Without a loot filter, you will never be able to see what loot dropped because there’s too much of it. For that reason, you need a good filter, and you need a fast way to update it each League, enter FilterBlade.

For more details on loot filters, check out our guide for POE Loot Filters in Ritual League.

And no tool is better at creating your own filter than FilterBlade. This simple community site hosts its own loot filter, which the author updates for each league, allowing tons of customization. You can alter the style and sound effects for any loot filter you want, and even toggle what items it shows. This is the best of all POE addons when it comes to dealing with filters. it makes the process of updating for each league so simple.

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Craft of Exile

Craft of Exile

Crafting is the real endgame of Path of Exile. This game has so many items that you can make, in so many different ways, that it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen. Each currency item in the game has a use, and that often ties directly into the crafting system. Each Orb may remove a modifier, or add a new one. Knowing what the odds are on getting a certain craft is a good thing to know. After all, why burn Hundreds of Chaos Orbs trying to randomly roll for a good item when you can spend more focused currency and craft the item you need for your builds?

Craft of Exile lets you pick an item, and then do a search for a specific modifier. You can then get a list of what item you need, at what Item Level, to get that modifier. You can also get a listing for what currency items can create what modifiers, incredibly helpful for crafting any item.

Craft of Exile

POE Overlay

POE Overlay

POE Overlay is the must-have tool for any in-game trader. It’s the best way to price check almost any rare drop, manage trade requests and more. You can combine this with a good Loot Filter to massively speed up mapping in the endgame, as you can safely ignore the junk with this POE addon. And even if you’re not trading it can be helpful.

You can use POE Overlay to get details about any dangerous maps you’re about to run, as well as any possible rare loot drops in that map. Focus your farming and avoid Hardcore deaths with this helpful addon.

POE Overlay

Path of Building

Path of Building POE Addon

Path of Building is one of the must-have POE addons. With all the Leagues constantly added to the game, any long-time player has tried out dozens of builds. And with thousands upon thousands of build combinations, it’s way too hard to keep track of all the forum threads, blog posts and varying guides out there. Lucky for us, the community has a solution.

Path of Building is the end-all-be-all of build creation and management tools for Path of Exile. This tool will allow you to track gear, skill point usage, and so much more. You can easily create your own build as well, and the program does all the math for calculating stats and damage. It’s something any player should have, no matter how casual.

Make sure to use the community fork, as it’s the more updated version.

Path of Building

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