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HITMAN 2 taking a trip to NYC in new expansion


The newest expansion to HITMAN 2 will be taking a bit of a trip to a new setting for players jumping back into the adventures of Agent 47.

The story for this new chapter picks up after the events of the main game, and sets Agent 47 to the tough task of infiltrating a hardened back vault, And he’ll have to first gain access to the prize by putting his talents to use and taking out the bank manager. The open sandbox of NYC is your playground in this new content, with plenty of infiltration options through disguises and other tools.

Check out the trailer for the new expansion down below.

A big new addition to the game with this expansion is a new series of Mastery Rank challenges. Players who take on these special objectives during missions and complete them will earn a variety of cosmetic rewards and new items to use in future missions.

  • Level 2: Small Goldbar – Melee Weapon
  • Level 3: First Floor Mezzanine – New Starting Location
  • Level 4: Waiting Area Bathroom – Hidden Stash
  • Level 5: ICA Remote Flash Device – Explosive Weapon
  • Level 6: First Floor Janitor Room – Agency Pickup
  • Level 7: Audit Hall – New Starting Location
  • Level 7: Second Floor Bathroom – Hidden Stash
  • Level 8: Deposit Box – Hidden Stash
  • Level 9: Deposit Box Room – New Starting Location
  • Level 10: Customized Bartoli 12G – Shotgun
  • Level 11: Investment Floor – Starting Location
  • Level 12: Executive Floor – Agency Pickup
  • Level 13: Garage – New Starting Location
  • Level 14: Vault Loading Bay – Agency Pickup
  • Level 15: Name Redacted with Gloves – New Outfit
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The Bank DLC will be available to anyone who has purchased the HITMAN 2 Expansion pass. You can purchase the Expansion Pass for $39.99 USD and the Gold Edition for $99.99. The expansion will release on June 25 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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