Where to find Pinecones in Genshin impact

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There are so many different quests to undertake and events to complete in Genshin impact.  It’s all enjoyable, but it’s also a ton of work to keep on top of the grind. The game has so many crafting recipes and Ascension rituals that you need a constant supply of materials as well. One of those materials for the month of October’s Marvelous Merchandise. During this event, you need to bring Pinecones in Genshin impact to an NPC called Liben. They give you various rewards for doing it too, so here’s where to look for these tree treats.

Where to find Pinecones in Genshin Impact

You can find these all over the map, as they spawn under trees, which are all over the place.

Here are some of the best spots to check. Keep in mind that these spawns don’t always show up. There are times when you need to keep moving and check other places, as the Pinecones in Genshin impact will respawn in other areas. The best way to spot them when you’re out hunting is to look for the tall fir trees. The cones will show up as a glittering drop beneath and nearby these trees.

Stormbearer Mountains

The northernmost waypoint on Stormbearer Mountains has a bunch of spawns to the southeast as well. You don’t need to get near the Anemo Hypostasis boss, just stick to the edges of the area closer to Mondstadt and you will be fine. There are two teleporters in this zone that you can just hop between to run the farming route. Start here, then head south to outside of the city to find more Pinecones.

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Dawn Winery

The area directly north of Dawn Winery features Pinecones scattered throughout it.  The Dawn Winery, as well as the area south of Mondstadt, are both good areas to check. Use the teleporters around this zone to get plenty of spawns in rapid succession. Also, by the teleporter in the lake to the east, there should be a ton of fir trees that spawn these things.

If you need more help finding them, use the images below. Each brown node denotes a potential spawn for Pinecones in Genshin impact. The Pinecones can be found pretty much anywhere, all over the main game map.

Where to find Pinecones in Genshin Impact

Where to find Pinecones in Genshin Impact

There’s also an easy way to find pretty much any resource in the game. The community has created an online interactive map that lists all the spawn locations for all the different items, Geoculus locations, Statues of the Seven, and much more.


Pinecones are used as ingredients in the following recipes:

Item Recipe
Mondstadt Hashbrown x2 Pinecone, x1 Potato, x1 Jam
Puppy-Paw Hashbrown x2 Pinecone, x1 Potato, x1 Jam
Sautéed Matsutake x3 Matsutake, x3 Flour, x2 Pinecone, x2 Butter
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