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Does Dying Light 2 have multiple endings?

Dying Light 2 release date teased

Does Dying Light 2 have multiple endings? That’s a common question we’re seeing. The answer seems to be yes, but we don’t know exactly how many. In a developer response, it was revealed that the game has more than one ending in an interview with wccftech. Some folks are spending time trying to  figure out how many endings we’re getting, but it remains unclear.

Some leaks and speculation has pointed to a total of five unique endings in the game. As far as we can see, there’s been no confirmation of this. The leaks and developer comments on the game have been pretty vague. And with all the content this game has, it could have more than that.

The current controversy surrounding Dying Light 2 having more than 500 hours of gameplay content takes center stage here. Though we don’t really know what all that means as we don’t have details. But aside from that, we haven’t heard much about the question of whether Dying Light 2 have multiple endings.

As of now, the game hasn’t been revealed too deeply in terms of story, so we can’t be certain regarding endings until later this month. The game releases on Feb. 4, so it’s going to be a while. So if the game actually has this much content, there’s a good chance that

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