Godfall Shift Codes Guide

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Godfall Shift Codes are a thing apparently. Gearbox loves doing these for the Borderlands games. You can go in-game and redeem these random codes for items, like Golden Keys. And given the looter nature of the new PS5 title, there’s a certain expectation that the game will get these as well. You can get some items in the new game, although it hasn’t been revealed what kind of items can be unlocked with Godfall Shift Codes.

There are 2 ways how you can redeem SHiFT Codes for Godfall. You will get the same rewards on your account no matter what route you take.

  1. In-Game
    • In the main menu, you can find a SHiFT Codes option. This will take you to an input field to redeem a SHiFT Code.
  2. SHiFT Website
    • On the Gearbox SHiFT Site, you can use the ‘Code Redemption’ feature to claim your rewards.

Active Godfall Shift Codes

There are no Godfall Shift Codes active at this time.

Currently, Gearbox Publishing nor Counterplay Games have released any SHiFT Codes for the game.  Following the official Gearbox and Godfall Twitter accounts might be a good way to spot more codes when they do get released.

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