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Skate 4 playtest details leaked

Skate 4 pre-alpha footage allegedly leaks online

A new leak and trailer confirm that Skate 4 is moving along. The game is indeed coming at some point. In fact, we’re getting a Skate 4 playtest at some point, if new announcements are to be believed. And it would seem that EA is indeed planning to do just that, although details are still a bit scarce.

The news comes to us from the ever-reliable leaker, Nibel, on Twitter. We don’t have a date for the playtest yet, although some basic elements have been teased. And we can assume the data gathered from this test will help improve the player feedback gained throughout the development process.

Along with the news comes a new trailer for the upcoming sequel. Titled “Still Working On It”, we get to see more of the game in progress. Development has been slowly plugging away for some time, but this is some of the first big news we’ve had in a while. Earlier this year, some pre-alpha build footage allegedly leaked, showing a very rough version of the game.

The Skate franchise made a serious impact on the genre of skateboarding games, offering players a much more realistic and difficult take on the gameplay style. The change of camera angles and control styles alone helped set it apart from other genre titles, immediately bringing fans over to its side. Players found the more immersive gameplay loop much more appealing than increasingly over-the-top competitors. And through later games in the franchise did turn the weird dial up a bit, making for crazier stories and more insane challenges. Judging from what we’ve seen so far, Skate 4 will be a bit of both styles, although probably a little heavier on the crazy.

The playtest will be closed, and randomly selected from the pool of registered applicants. So if you want to get in, show some interest now, while you have the chance. You can sign up for the Skate 4 playtest over on the EA website, if you’re interested.

Selected players will be able to play early versions of the game, and will be chosen based on “varying factors defined by our goals for testing at that time in development”, according to Skate’s official FAQ page.

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