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How to get the Avia Prime Armor in Warframe


Tenno rejoice, the new Twitch Prime loot is here for Digital Extremes’ amazing free-to-play game. The new loot offering is the Avia Prime Armor in Warframe that offers a new cosmetic look. The armor is a reward for being a Twitch Prime member, and is Amazon’s attempt to liaison with games to increase revenue, it’s pretty cool for gamers.

If you have already joined up with Twitch Prime, and have already linked your Twitch and Warframe account together, all you need to do is head to the Twitch Prime loot page and hit on the Claim button to get your set of Avia Prime Armor in Warframe. For everyone else, you will need to go through the process of connecting your Warframe and Twitch accounts so you can take advantage of the offer. It’s pretty simple to do thankfully.

Here’s how to link these two accounts together:

  • Go to https://www.warframe.com/user and log into your Warframe account
  • Click Link your Twitch Account and follow the instructions to link your Warframe account to your Twitch Account
  • Log into Warframe and receive your items
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Account linking only needs to be performed once and you just log in during the run of each Prime Loot event, and log into your Twitch account to claim the free stuff. This makes the process pretty easy.

If you are unsure if the link worked, you can check in the Account Management section of your Warframe account. Under user information, at the very bottom, it will tell you if your profile is linked with any Twitch account. If you have an old account there that you no longer use, just hit Unlink, then link your new account instead.

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