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Guide to Gifts in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a game all about being social and making friends, as well as exploring the world around you. Part of making friends in this game is that it gives you various gameplay rewards. The higher your Friendship level with a trainer, the more likely you are to receive special bonuses when playing with them. And one of the best ways to increase Friendship in the game is to send Gifts.

How do you get Gifts in Pokémon GO?

Gifts in Pokémon GO are a special reward given randomly to players when they “spin” a Pokéstop. Visit one, spin the dial, and you should receive a gift attached to that location in your inventory. The drops are entirely random, so be sure to check your inventory each time. Also, you can only hold 10 of them at one time. You need to be constantly sending out Gifts to friends in order to claim more.

So the best use of the system is to be constantly sending out Gifts to people on your friends list when you receive them.

Opening Gifts is easy. When you get one from a friend the app will display a notification. Clicking on that will open a short animation and then give you your reward.

How to Send Gifts

Anyone in your friends list within Pokémon GO can receive a Gift. Sending them is pretty easy. To send the Gift, you need to tap on your profile picture on the lower-left hand section of your screen, then open your friends list. You will see your entire Friends list, and you can tap on each profile to select the option to send them a Gift from your inventory. Simply click beneath their avatar and buddy Pokémon on the send Gift option to do so.

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There is a limit of one Gift to a trainer on your friends list per day though, so keep that in mind. You will know you have already sent a Gift to someone when their trainer name is greyed out in the Gift menu.

What’s in a Gift?

Niantic has also previously buffed rewards in Gifts. Adding in EXP and other bonuses. And as Raids and other content were added, the types of items found randomly in Gifts changed. Here’s a quick rundown of everything in a Gift. Keep in mind that like all the other aspects of the system, these are random drops, and there is no way to predict what a Gift will contain.

  • Stardust
  • Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls
  • Regular, Super, Hyper, and Max Potions
  • Regular and Max Revives
  • Pinap Berries
  • King’s Rock
  • Sun Stone
  • 7km Eggs (you need egg slots to acquire these eggs)
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