How To Play Coop in the Outriders Demo

Will Outriders crossplay be a thing?

Being a fast-paced shooter set in a ruined Earth is a ton of fun. Harkening back to the Gears of War feel that we all remember fondly, this game is taking all the lessons learned about how to make a shooter quite well. To get fans into the idea of taking on this nightmarish world, a new Outriders Demo has dropped this month. The game features multiple class choices and a full character customizer, making it very easy to insert yourself into the world.

The game is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC. And the best part is, it has full cross-play support among all six of those platforms. Although for now, cross-play is not fully enabled, so there might be issues for some users. So that means you can game with your friends and get through this hellish world together. And don’t worry, any progress you make in the Outriders Demo will be carried over to the full game.

Here’s how to play co-op in the Outriders demo.

How to play co-op on the Outriders demo

On consoles and PC, you must first play through the tutorial missions. The prologue comes after you complete character creation and is just a few basic missions. Do that first. There are a bunch of story cutscenes and the like, you can skip them if you want to speed through it all. Once you have made your character and made it through the basic missions, it’s time ot unlock co-op.

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You can get into co-op by using the Options menu within the game to invite friends. To play multiplayer co-op with friends in Outriders, you just have to bring up the game menu and select the Play with Friends option on the right side of the menu. From there, you can choose your friends to play with from the ones that are online. There’s also an option to Generate Your Game Code for friends on other platforms. Send this code to your friends and you will be able to game with.

There’s also a console in the main town that can matchmaker you with other random players, if you don’t have any friends who are playing the demo.

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