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Tips for Getting Started in Albion Online


With it’s rolling launch this week, B2P MMO Albion Online is doing it’s best to get players into and enjoying the game. Even with a variety of different issues like launcher crashes, missing learning queues and login bugs, Albion Online looks to be on the track for success with it’s launch.

Join Albion Online’s Adventures!

The staggered release is probably helping to keep the game more stable than it might have been otherwise. There were some initial login issues, but the team reports that it (mostly) cleared those up quickly. There have been a few other problems, like missing learning points and players being able to farm gear out of their league, but for the most part it looks like things are going relatively smoothly for this launch. To help new players get acclimated to Albion, the devs have released a great little tips video, which you can check out below.
We’ve also included the launch trailer as well!

Some of the tips are pretty obvious to anyone having played with economics in MMOs before, but newcomers might be surprised by the ideas they missed when preparing to play in Albion.

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