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Fallout 76 has a making of documentary

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Noclip releasing a making-of documentary for Fallout 76, we’re starting to arrive at a much better understanding of what this game will be.

We learned a lot of new information from this video, such as the fact that all players will be able to see where each other are on any given map, that players will have to work together to solve puzzles in order to unlock the nuclear warhead bunkers, and that there are safeguards in place to keep consensual PvP from letting people be massive dicks to each other.

Some other interesting tidbits we’ve learned about the game over the last few days include:

  • Player corpses can’t be looted
  • Players can repair and modify their equipment
  • Players may “mutate” new abilities through gameplay
  • The game may have free DLC after release

There’s a lot more to be learned about the incoming open-world Fallout game as well. You can learn about the collector’s edition, or even more details about the gameplay from E3 2018. Also, keep tuned in at ISKMogul for more Fallout 76 news when it comes out.

Watch the documentary down below.

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