How to complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife

Complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife

BitLife loves its self-referential humor, as well as social media tie-ins. Developer CandyWriter has another task for players to finish to earn a new account-wide cosmetic. We’ve got another BitLife challenge this week. Players take on the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife and try to go viral. This idea has been pretty common for CandyWriter, with social media being a big focus.

How to complete the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife

Each of these steps is pretty simple. Here are the steps you need to complete to finish up the Bijuu Mike Challenge in BitLife for a special viral reward.

  • Be born a male in the United States
  • Make one viral BitLife video
  • Don’t post another BitLife video for 50+ years
  • Achieve 3+ million subscribers on YouTube

The core of the tasks for this week is around YouTube. You need to focus entirely on social media for this challenge. When you get a viral video, you’re doing good. You probably want to focus on one genre for most of your success. It’s best to start with BitLife content when you begin your YouTuber journey.

Make your US-based male character to get started. If you want to speed things up, try maxing out Looks and Health ASAP. Keep these two stats as high as possible into old age to help your social media growth.

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When you get to middle school, open up the Assets tab to find the Social Media menu. Make a YouTube account and get started. You will be able to make videos as much as you want in a year. Although, you shouldn’t make more than 5-8 videos in a given year. If you notice your video views start to drop, stop making videos and age up to continue. To make videos, just select YouTube from the Social Media menu and choose BitLife from the dropdown. Pay attention to view and subscriber counts. These will naturally grow over time, but going viral is very random.

Getting a viral video about BitLife is your first goal. And once the needed event happens, stop doing Bitlife content. You can then swap to another genre. You will take a hit in views initially, but just keep making content in the new genre and you should bounce back.

The final task is to achieve 3 million subscribers on YouTube. This will take quite a bit of time and effort. Once you have those three million subs, just focus on making videos well into your elderly years.

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