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The Blackout Club comes out of Early Access, bringing co-op horror

The Blackout Club Coming out of Early Access

The Blackout Club is a new horror game from Question Games that pushes the horror genre in a bold new direction. One that players might be a bit too spooked to venture into. As a teenager lost in a strange world inhabited by walking nightmares, you have one choice, survive. The Virginian town of Redacre has fallen onto some very strange times, and some dark conspiracy is trying to make things even worse.

Players can join three other friends to find out what’s going on, uncovering more secrets along the way. Each time you play, the objectives you need to complete are randomized, adding a layer of replayability. The one constant of each map run is that the horrific Angel hunts you the entire time. Other changes in each match might concern what changes in the layout of the map.

The neighborhood itself is laid out the same every match, but certain windows will or won’t be open, entire areas could be locked off and prevent players from getting in. Enemy placements and pathing can also be randomized, offering much more challenge. And don’t think just chasing objectives will be all the difficulty.

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The game will throw various enemies at you, each with their own dangerous abilities and mechanics. There’s a Sleeperm blind horrors that hunt by sound. Players can also be spotted by other enemies like The Shape, which can generate “Sin”. Accruing too much Sin can call other enemies to swarm you, giving you and your buddies an incentive to be more stealthy.

The Blackout Club  drops on PC via Steam on July 30th. You can currently pick up the game with a 20% discount during the Steam Sale.

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