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Detective Pikachu Announced for the Switch

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During the Pokemon livestream event today, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company had plenty of new for fans of the log-running franchise. It turns out that a new Switch title based on the Detective Pikachu film and previous game is coming soon. This is actually one of four separate projects within the overall brand that are in the works. Check out the teaser Tweet released with the announcement down below.

It’s pretty easy to see why this game happened. The film of the same name more than doubled it’s budget at the box office, earning more than $300 million so far. And with it’s theater run still ongoing, the 2019 film is still clawing in some revenue. And while fans are kind of feeling mediocre about the live-action adaptation, no doubt Nintendo and the folks behind the popular RPG property are excited.

And with the 2016 release of the original Detective Pikachu on the 3DS being pretty well-received, it makes sense that new game was coming to the unique franchise. President and COO Tsunekazu Ishiharait was reserved about revealing details for the project, but encouraged fans to keep digging and “sleuthing” to see what they uncover. While this was likely just marketing speak, it will be very exciting to see what else the developers and those involved have in store, especially if you’re a Pokemon fan.

No release date yet, but fans are excited for another Pokemon Switch title nonetheless. No gameplay details either, although this has not stopped fans from guessing that the game could be a direct sequel to the original 3DS title with very similar gameplay, adapted for the Switch controls. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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