Phantasy Star Online 2: Is Premium Worth It?

Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to PC

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free-to-play game by design, but you can get more if you pay in. Now yes, normally that’s a bad sign for MMORPGs. The paywalling of content is pretty bad in some games. Is PSO2 the same way? Here’s what we know about Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium and what to expect when you do give the game some money.

If you don’t know what Premium is or are thinking about paying for the membership option, you have some things to learn. Here’s what Premium has in store for you. Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium includes many different bonuses, but that doesn’t make the game worse if you’re not paying.

There’s no pay-to-win as most of the options you unlock with paid access are cosmetic. The main premium currency in the game is called FUN, and can be spent on various things. Most of these are decoration items for your rooms, as well as some consumables and temporary boosters. There’s also a gacha-like mechanic in FUN Scratch Tickets that can reward special items. FUN is gained by bringing player partners on quests, liking Looks in the Lookbook and giving Kudos. Premium will give you a bit of a bonus to your FUN generation.

You will also get other gameplay benefits as well. You can take an additional 20 Client Orders, access Premium drink boosts, get a 50 percent Triboost effect, and even extended daily boost effects. That’s all really great for those who play regularly. Along with all of that, you get a boosted storage of up to 400 extra storage spaces, which can be accessed after you stop paying. This is great for those who like to hoard rare items. Other boons include access to Premium Blocks, which is basically a priority log-in queue. That makes it so much easier to get through all the mess of patching and the like.

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For those that like the more cosmetic elements, there’s plenty of those too. Salon and Color Passes are available from certain titles or quests for one-time use to change a character’s appearance. The Premium pass also gives you access to various high-end items and boosters that can be used to alter your appearance in myriad ways.  You even get a small Personal Room that you can decorate as well.

There’s so much more too, this isn’t even everything. Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium can be bought in packs of 30, 60, and 90 days. And here’s the condensed rundown of all that’s included:

  • The ability to trade items to other operatives (who also have an active Premium Set).
  • Earning twice as many Login Stamps.
  • Increase in FUN Points earned per task (log-in to game, use AC, send Kudos, etc.).
  • Selling their own merchandise in the Personal Shop.
  • An increase in the number of Client Orders that can be accepted (from 20 to 40).
  • After the expiration date of your Premium Set, you can turn in orders that you have but cannot accept more than 20.
  • Those who have an active Premium Set who use the “Extended Order Limit” have the ability to take up to 60 Client Orders.
  • Ability to purchase Premium Drinks, which always include an increase to rare item drop rate.
  • One free Mission Pass: Gold Ticket.
  • PSO2 Day: Premium User Appreciation Day.
  • On the 22nd of every month, a special “PSO2 Day” will be held for users with an active Premium Set.
  • Gift items are distributed and boosts are applied on this day for active Premium Set users.
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