What is Jewelry in Project Zomboid used for?

Project Zomboid

There’s a lot of junk in Project Zomboid‘s version of the zombie apocalypse. There are many items in the game that can be broken down and used for other purposes. Players can often rip up old clothes to patch reinforce their existing outfits, for example. Some items are a little less useful, or their use isn’t very apparent. Jewelry in Project Zomboid might seem a bit useless at first glance. Given that there’s no bartering even in multiplayer where precious metals would hold value.

What is Jewelry Used For in Project Zomboid?

There are many junk items in the game, and unfortunately, jewelry is one of them. The base game does spawn these items in a few places, if you’re interested in finding them.

Residential homes are the best places to find Jewelry in Project Zomboid otherwise. Some wealthier houses seem to have a better chance to spawn this stuff. Look for multi-story homes for the best bet. These homes often have jewelry and other valuable crafting mats in bedside tables and other areas. Necklaces and the like can often be found in cabinets and wardrobes. Clear them of Zeds and scour them from top to bottom to see what you can find. The owners won’t need it anymore.

Sometimes, the zombies you take down will have these items on them. It’s a very rare chance, but it would be cool to find them and loot them off the corpses of the undead if you could make use of them. Here’s what we know so far.

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So now that you have the goods, what to do? Some players have even made mods to add NPCs, but the features are buggy and not very well fleshed out. As of Build 41, PZ has no direct use in the base game for jewelry that you find. But even though the base game doesn’t have a use for these items yet, there are ways around the problem. Mods!

What is Jewelry Used for in Project Zomboid?

Currency Variety is one such mod. This simple mod adds a crafting profession for metalworking, and allows some basic blacksmithing recipes. With so many skills in the game already, mods are a great way to alter gameplay to add new things. With this mod, you can turn Jewelry and other items into Gems and Gold/Silver bars. These bars and gems can then be traded for fuel and other resources. It’s not as fleshed-out as a full NPC system, but it’s a nice way of adding more options.

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