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Path of Exile 3.8.0 Announcement Set For 20th August

Tencent Acquires Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has some great news for all of us ARPG fans. As Legion and POE 3.7 winds down, with it entering its final month as a challenge league, gamers are eager to hear about the next wave of POE content. And with that hype comes more news about the future of the best ARPG on the market.

The latest challenge league now has a release date, although this may shift as development moves forward. For one thing though, GGG has confirmed that more details about the next expansion to the game is coming next week. The full announcement of Path of Exile 3.8 is due to occur on August 20th.

And of course, alongside the new content, Path of Exile 3.8. will bring some quality-of-life improvements to the game. For one thing, Delve and Betrayal progress will no longer be unique to a character, and will now be league-wide. We’re also of course going to get new challenge league rewards coming in the patch as well. New items, crafting methods, archetypes, skill gems, support gems will also be added.

The release date for 3.8 has also tentatively been set for the 6th of September. That should apply to all the versions, which includes PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We don’t know much about the new league, but given that this is due to be a minor league at least on par with Legion, we won’t be seeing a mega-expansion. That work is likely being saved for the release of 4.0, due sometime next year.

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