How to Delete Saves in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is a wonderful little game with a ton of replayability. You can choose so many paths in the farm life, that you’re sure to waste hours doing something in this fantastic game. And whether it’s growing a huge farm to make tons of money, or a budding romance with the townsfolk, there’s something for everyone. And despite the depth, the game never seems to get old. But sometimes, you want to start over.

And that’s where the knowledge of how to delete saves in Stardew Valley is useful. You can simply reset all that progress on your PC or console game, and start completely fresh. The process is very simple, as it can be done in-game with just a few clicks.

How to Delete Saves in Stardew Valley

The process of being able to delete saves in Stardew Valley may vary by platform. The PC makes this the easiest thing to handle, once you know where to look. For most versions of the game, click the LOAD button on the main menu. This will show all of your saves stored on the device for that install. You’ll notice a small red circle in the upper-right of each save preview, hover over it. Click that button will delete your save.

If you don’t want to launch the game in order to delete your save, you can do it manually, but it takes a bit of knowledge of how your OS organizes files. Assuming you’re using the default settings for the game and haven’t altered anything, you need to navigate to a folder and delete the right files. By default, the game places the save files for its runs in one location.

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Simply navigate to the following folder path: C/Users/’YourUserName’/AppData/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves

Go there and delete every sub-folder you wish to remove. Each folder will start with the name of your farmer, so be sure to check in-game which one you want to get rid of. Once deleted from this folder set, a save will no longer appear here.

How to Delete a Save File on the Nintendo Switch

The console ports of Stardew Valley often have a very similar process to PC, the file architecture might be a bit different though. But thankfully, you don’t have to mess about with manually deleting files from the Switch or phone storage. I mean you could, but that’s a huge hassle. The best way is to just use the intended in-game method. In the “Load” menu, the red crossed-out circle in the upper-right of each save file is the “Delete File” option. That’s the exact same on PC, so it’s very simple to handle.

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