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Warframe deploys update 25.6.0 to consoles

Warframe 25.6.0 Patch Tekelu Collection

Digital Extremes has now brought all current versions of Warframe into parity with one another with the deployment of the latest patch to all four platforms. PC space ninjas have had about two weeks head start on the console fanbases, but it’s still wonderful that DE has always been so consistent with pushing out content updates across four different platforms. Yes four, as the Switch version recently joined the roster.

And as we covered before, the main focus of this minor update is on reworking augments. There are some cosmetic additions though. The 25.6.0 patch introduced the Wukong Samadhi skins collections, adding some new flair to players Frames. The Tekelu weapons collection also got added.

Essential Mod Bundles also got some attention this round, with a new product called the Essential Glyphs Bundle which offered new players a set of crucial Glyphs to increase the power of their Frames. These include the following:

  • Essential Cold Glyph
  • Essential Critical Glyph
  • Essential Damage Glyph
  • Essential Electricity Glyph
  • Essential Heat Glyph
  • Essential Toxin Glyph
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The developer has also announced that the Xbox One exclusive Prestige Pack XIV is only available until August 27. The pack includes:

  • Cassowar Jade Skin (Includes Cassowar Polearm)
  • Jade Patika Sugatra
  • 3-Day Affinity Booster
  • 3-Day Credit Booster
  • 170 Platinum

As usual with Warframe, the patch may contain minor differences across different platforms, so you want to check out the notes for your specific platform. If you play on the PlayStation 4, click here. If you play on Xbox One, click here. And if you prefer to play on the Nintendo Switch, click here.

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