How to get Titanium in Outriders

How to get Titanium in Outriders

Titanium is one of the most durable and useful industrial metals here on Earth. The metal is also extremely hard to get in large quantities. And in the chaotic and tainted world of Outriders, it’s even harder to come by. Here’s what you need to do to get Titanium in Outriders. The metal is useful for item upgrades and crafting, so you will need plenty of it.

Titanium in Outriders is one of the three main crafting elements in the game, alongside Leather and Iron. Pretty much all the crafting recipes in the game use some or all of these components. You will need a lot of them before you finish the game.  You’ll need Titanium if you want to upgrade any weapons or gear to the Legendary tier, so here’s how to get more of it.

How to get Titanium in Outriders

The primary method of obtaining Titanium is dismantling Epic or Legendary rarity items. Any items wish to break down will yield a small cache of supplies that can be used for other crafting recipes and upgrades. The amount you get back depends on the item and its stats, to some degree. The general rule is that the rarer and more powerful the item, the more you get back from it.

There’s one other method to get basic crafting materials. You can head over to Bailey and turn in scrap to get a small amount of Titanium. It costs 1,625 Scrap for 5 Titanium.

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There are a few other sources, but they’re much more random. You can upgrade your world tier to certain levels, and this will help you out. Elite Captains and other mini-bosses and tough enemies will drop plenty of rare materials when defeated, provided you do so on higher than normal World Tiers. Titanium will start occurring in chests and other drops as well on these higher difficulty levels.

You will want to be on World Tier 4 or higher to start seeing bonuses to loot drop levels and higher rarity tier chances. Resource Packs containing Titanium are a guaranteed drop on World Tier 9 and above.

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