How to dismantle weapons and armor in Outriders

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Looter shooters like Outriders make loot and crafting materials a core part of the game. You’re going to find a bunch of loot drops throughout your time with the game. And you can break down items for crafting materials at any time. You don’t have to return to any of the hub locations or be in a friendly area. Just make sure you have cleared the area of enemies before you spend time in the menus.

Go into your Inventory screen and look for the prompt over items to mark them for dismantling. When you open up the menu the inventory should have controls telling you what to do. For dismantling items on consoles, you can click the right stick to get this done. You simply go over each item you wish to break down and then mark it with the correct prompt. You can dismantle all kinds of weapons and armor, including primary weapons, sidearms, helmets, leggings, boots and more.

When you’re done marking things, you can simply press the confirmation prompt on the screen, and everything will be broken down.

The recycling materials earned from it will be added to your main inventory and you can use it. You will get materials ranging from common to rare drops. The lower-tier items such as scrap are very easy to get. You can get more useful items like shards, leather and other items. The rarest drops aren’t too hard to get, so farming via dismantling weapons in Outriders isn’t too viable.

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