How to get guaranteed Anointed legendary gear in Borderlands 3

Farm Anointed Legendary Gear in Borderlands 3

Farming for awesome gear is a huge part of the experience in Borderlands 3. The top tier of the massive loot table is Legendary gear. Players will find piles and piles of loot throughout their time with the game, but there are few that can compare to the top-end rarity. And every once in awhile, you will get a piece of Anointed legendary gear in Borderlands 3.

And just like pretty much all of the best gear, the best source for Anointed legendary gear in Borderlands 3 is Loot the Universe. Loot the Universe is an ongoing event in Borderlands 3. Every week for the next few weeks players will be able to head to a specific planet within the game to get excellent drop rates. Each zone on the planets affected is dedicated to a specific loot type. Players looking to farm certain weapons or gear must head to the correct zone.

Gear in this game has a base set of stats, but is made much more powerful than normal thanks to Perks. These perks add different modifiers that create special effects, add more damage, and change plenty of other elements of your gear. These weapons and other items are rather powerful. They can seriously empower your build to easily take on the toughest content.

Anointed perks are often class-specific, offering huge bonuses to a given Vault Hunter. You can get some serious buffs, so Anointed legendary gear in Borderlands 3 is a great thing to farm. The best source to farm for this gear is the aforementioned Loot the Universe mode combined with the new Mayhem modifier.

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Mayhem is a new level and difficulty modifier that amps up the level and overall difficulty of all the enemies in a zone where Mayhem is applied. It starts at Mayhem 1 and increases the longer you remain in the affected zone and keep killing.

Combine this scaling difficulty with Loot the Universe to literally bury yourself in loot. Check out our list of the current Loot the Universe locations that are active on Promethea. And don’t worry if Mayhem 10 is too hard, work your way up and take part in Loot the Universe to get some decent gear. Eventually, you will be able to farm Mayhem 10 in no time once you have a solid build.

If you’re still too early in the game to reliably deal with Mayhem 10’s extreme difficulty curve, opt to go for the Veteran Rewards vending machine near Crazy Earl in Ellie’s cargo bay. You will need to bring a lot of Eridium to afford the special gear, so go out and farm some before seeing what’s in stock.

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