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Path of Exile announces more support skills in Conquerors of the Atlas

Conquerors of the Atlas

Of all of the new content coming in Path of Exile 3.9, the new and reworked Skill Gems are the most appealing element for many new players. GGG already detailed changes coming to bow-based Skill Gems in the next expansion. GGG has also spread some news about other Support Gems+ coming in 3.9. But now, the developer has even more to share.

First up for new Support Gems is Arrow Nova. This AoE skill modifier is great for previously single target skills like Lightning Arrow. Arrow Nova allows skills to be fired into the middle of a pack and wipe out the entire group. It looks like bow-based builds will be even more fun while mapping in 3.9.

Greater Volley has now been turned into a Support Gem. This ability used to be restricted to the Unique Reach of the Council. This suped-up version of Volley is now in the game as a support gem, available from level 38. It will do slightly more DPS than Greater Multiple Projectiles, though its projectile spread is more narrow. Lesser Multiple Projectiles and the base Volley Support Gems will also be receiving a buff in Path of Exile 3.9.

The massively powerful single target skill Barrage is also getting a huge rework. In Path of Exile 3.9, any skill used with a wand or bow can be turned into Barrage thanks to Barrage Support. Barrage Support will add extra attacks to the base attack, but the attack will slowly increase in duration. You can cancel the attack early though, so if you need to dodge you can. his is a potent method to deal massive single target damage, especially with skills like Power Siphon and Split Arrow.

Check out the new Support Gems in the trailer down below.

If you want to get some more insights into Path of Exile 3.9 and the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, check out the Q&A segment about the new mapping system from GGG.

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