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How to farm Mutagen Sample in Warframe

How to farm Mutagen Sample in Warframe

Any Warframe player knows full well the hassle of farming in this game. The need to constantly be crafting new weapons, Warframes and other goodies is ever-present. Mutagen Samples are a valuable resource in Warframe, and that use is dependent on multiple other levels of farming and crafting.

The best locales for farming these items in Warframe come in two flavors. There are endless missions, as well as basic nodes that you can target to get Mutagen Sample in Warframe:

  • Survival missions in Orokin Derelicts – A nice quick rotation that allows sustained farming. Combining this with the buff that every five-minute rotation gives to drop chances, it encourages long-term farming with a good group. Better drop chance and prolonged farming makes this easier than the other locations on the Star Chart.
  • Eris – If you’re looking for shorter farms, the nodes on this planet have a small chance to drop the Mutagen Samples. But for Eris, the Mutagen Samples are a rare drop there in Warframe. Because of this, it’s advised to focus on the Orokin Derelicts for dedicated farming.

The one downside to Orokin Derelict missions is that they take a bit of prep work with the keys. A run on the Derelict requires a key that must be crafted, and requires the following resources to do so:

  • 6500 Credits
  • 5 Nav Coordinates
  • 2500 Nano Spores
  • 750 Salvage
  • 80 Circuits
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General Farming Tips

For Warframe choices, there are several options for increasing loot drops. Nekros using his Desecrate ability, Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm, and Khora with Pilfering Strangledome all will offer increased loot chances. Resource Boosters are also a good option if you have extra ones floating around. Check those daily login rewards, as there’s a chance you can grab a free one. Bringing a good buff Warframe that can keep your group stacked with energy is great as well, speeding up farming.

The best way to tackle these missions with a group is to simply hold up in a room one the map with one entrance, and since any map often has small side rooms, it becomes a matter of using a quick-moving frame to pull enemies into the primary DPS stationed in the “safe room”. With a solid group, you can literally farm for hours with this maneuver.

Spend a day farming for this and other rare drops and you won’t need to do any farming for quite a while.

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