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Fortnite Nexus War’s finale kicks off Galactus event December 1

Fortnite Nexus War's Galactus Event Release Date

Fortnite Nexus War is the series of events that players have been eagerly awaiting to see the finale of. Epic Games has announced that the finale is almost here. The end of the Marvel-themed Nexus War season will take place on December 1, according to the announcement. So let’s see what’s coming.

Though details are currently scarce, for obvious reasons, a few things have been confirmed. AS it’s a massive Marvel event, there’s going to be lots of superheroes around. Players will end up joining forces with various heroes to fight back against the ultimate evil, Galactus. Galactus has come to end the Fortnite Nexus War and “the fate of Reality” is up in the air. No idea what this actually means in gameplay terms though.

The massive 14.60 update that brings the first wave of this new content will be a big one, and the devs recommend you make sure you download it ASAP. According to the official Fortnite blog, it’s out for consumption today. The update goes live in-game at 4pm ET and brings a few other new features as well. There’s the new Houseparty chat that makes it easier to communicate via video for next-gen users.

You’ll need an iOS or Android mobile device to use the new feature though. It’s basically a new way to video chat in-game, and it’ kind of cool. You can check out a full FAQ on the game’s website.

It’s hard to guess what the future of the game looks like though. The end of the Marvel-themed content will likely result in a massive map change though. Expect some POIs like Stark Labs to get deleted or massively overhauled. Players are eager to know what else is coming. It could be that we see a new wave of in-game events follow themed around the holidays, or maybe another major pop culture property.

Fortnite is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android.

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