Where to find 100% blood quality in V Rising

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100% blood quality in V Rising is the key to getting to the true height of your vampiric powers. As you take down foes, they often drop blood essence. This can not only help you heal, but give you the potential for some massive power boosts. Every time you kill an enemy, you’ll notice blood essence orbs collect in your inventory. These can be used to protect your Castle Heart from decay, and to power more advanced crafting recipes. But that’s not all, as you will also need to gain basic blood essence.

You need to recruit Servants to take care of missions for you. Players also need to hunt down rare and common resources for crafting, such as Gem stones and dust, or maybe Sulfur. That all is just the early game though, there’s so much more. V Rising puts far more emphasis on survival than a more action-oriented vamp game. Surviving against the many enemies is going to be tough. Blood is the core of your survival. You will need blood to continue fighting and growing your power.

With all of the crafting recipes in the game, there are a lot of materials you need to find. This game has so many crafting options that it’s impossible to fit them all into one guide. That’s why this guide will focus on one thing in particular. This guide will talk about 100% blood quality in V Rising and what you need to do to get it.

Where to find 100% blood quality in V Rising

To get 100% blood quality units for particular types, you will want to go to the high-level areas that have the unit type you want. The first thing you need to do is unlock the Blood Hunger ability. This will allow you to track enemy types and get your hands on the foe that has the best possible stats. You need to beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter to get this option. To find Tristan the Vampire Hunter in V Rising, you will pretty much just need to use the Blood Altar and track him down because he patrols all over the Farbane Woods.

Once you have it unlocked, you’re ready to get hunting. 100% blood quality humans can be hard to find, but as long as you stick to high-level areas, you will find them. Each unit type is found in specific zones, so pay attention to the name of the zone. For example, with Scholar enemies when hunting for 100% blood quality in V Rising, you will want to hunt around Monasteries and other similar zones.

Blood Types in V Rising

There are six blood types in total right now: Brute, Creature, Rogue, Scholar, Warrior, and Worker. Each one gives you a buff depending on the quality of the blood and the type. Look below for a full breakdown of these buffs. The higher the quality of the blood, the effect gets boosted.

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Default blood type with no buffs.


  • Less than 30% blood quality: 15% movement speed
  • 30% or higher: 10-15 sun resistance rating
  • 60% or higher: 10-20% damage reduction
  • 90% or higher: 150% increased health regeneration
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all above effects by 30%


  • Less than 30% blood quality: 10-20% increased physical power
  • 30% or higher: 8-15% reduced cooldown on weapon skills
  • 60% or higher: 7.5-15% reduced damage taken and 25% increased damage when striking enemies at full health
  • 90% or higher: 15% chance to parry an attack, reducing damage taken by 50%. Parrying an attack increases your own damage by 25%
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all above effects by 30%


  • Less than 30% blood quality: 10-20% chance to critical strike on weapon attacks
  • 30% or higher: 8-15% movement speed
  • 60% or higher: 12-25% Reduced cooldown on travel skill. 100% chance to critical strike on next physical attack after using a travel skill
  • 90% or higher: 50% chance on critical strike to expose victim’s armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for 4 seconds
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all above effects by 30%


  • Less than 30% blood quality: 12-25% increased spell power
  • 30% or higher: 8-15% reduced cooldown on spells
  • 60% or higher: 5-10% spell life leech
  • 90% or higher: 20% chance to reset spell cooldown on cast
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all above effects by 30%


  • Less than 30% blood quality: 10-30% increased resource yield
  • 30% or higher: 15-25% increased damage against resource objects
  • 60% or higher: 10-20% increased mount gallop speed
  • 90% or higher: 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all above effects by 30%


  • Less than 30% blood quality: 7.5-12.5% primary attack life leech
  • 30% or higher: 7.5-15% increased primary attack speed, gain 1 gear level
  • 60% or higher: Healing received increased by 20-35%. Heal self for 4% of your victim’s health when striking a killing blow
  • 90% or higher: 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of primary attacks by 25%
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all above effects by 30%

Be sure to check out our other guides on scrolls, and other materials like fish oil. Other upgrades like Whetstones are pretty useful as well. Other aspects of the game can help with your journey, like farming in V Rising and growing stuff from seeds. Seeds harvested from bosses can be used to grow unique items for crating intriguing new armor. Some of the best armor in the game is the Dark Silver gear, which is super powerful.

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