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Final Fantasy XIV has now more than 16 million registered users

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

During a recent Letter from the Producer livestream, Square Enix revealed a bunch of new details about the upcoming expansion to their flagship MMO, as well as a nice surprise about a recent milestone the game hit. And with the launch of Shadowbringers coming soon, it looks like Square Enix just wants to do one little victory lap ahead of the next expansion.

For one thing, it’s now been confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV has managed to surpass 16 million registered players, which is crazy.

If you somehow have not heard of Final Fantasy XIV, and are a fan of story-driven MMOs, there’s a treat in store for you. The game is a massive open world that connects many of the different lands from across the Final Fantasy franchise into one sprawling open world. And over the years the developers have continue to stitch on more and more content, making this an incredibly complex and enjoyable MMO.

Players can create a character from a wide array of races from throughout the Final Fantasy lore, and then pick a starting job. One cool aspect is that the game allows players to swap jobs and gear at any time, so players are never locked into a single playstyle.

Like many of the other expansions to this already huge title, Shadowbringers throws even more content at players. For one thing, players will get access to new Hrothgar and Viera races to create. These new races are gender-locked, offering either a male or female variant. The expansion also introduces the new Blue Mage job as a variant of spellcaster/healer, offering yet another playstyle. The gunbreaker adds a new ranged element as well. There’s a “New Game Plus” mode that will allow players to experience older content with scaled-up difficulty, so that they can experience other elements of the massive story they may have missed while leveling.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers launches on July 2nd, 2019. You can take  a look at the trailer for the expansion down below.

There are three different versions of Shadowbringers you can purchase. The base expansion, which costs $39.99 USD and includes all of the new content, is the first offering. This is followed by the $59.99 Digital Collector’s Edition that comes with a few extra in-game items including the Grani Mount, Revolver Gunbreaker Weapon and Fran minion. Then, if you really want to spend some cash, there is an option for a $199.99 physical Collector’s Edition which has everything in the Digital Collector’s Edition, along with a few physical items like a Dark Knight figure, an art book, a keychain and a deck of Final Fantasy-themed playing cards.

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