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GGG announces plans for Delve and Betrayal league content in Path of Exile

GGG Announces Plans for Delve and Betrayal

Two of the more interesting, and sometime controversial, Leagues in Path of Exile‘s recent history are the Challenges Leagues for patches 3.4 and 3.5, these were the Delve and Betrayal leagues respectively. players have been both loving and hating aspects of these two content releases since they debuted.

Delve League was a major change for Path of Exile, adding the Azurite Mines and the new endless endgame alternative to mapping. Delving as it became to be known is an incredibly challenging hunt for loot through dark and dank corridors that twist and turn, leading ever-deeper into the heart of the land of Wraeclast. This activity is still appealing to man players today, almost a year after its initial introduction.

Betrayal League was one of the most popular leagues ever in Path of Exile, based both on statements from GGG and my own experience running this site. The Immortal Syndicate was a fun and intricate web of mechanics that saw players interacting with the crafting system in an entirely new and engaging way.

And even though gamers have now mostly focused on the impending launch of Path of Exile: Legion this June, some are still concerned about the current state of older content within the game, and they should be. Older content that isn’t fun or that completely annihilates balance can poison the enjoyment of a game for many. And in a game as complicated and vast as Path of Exile, this problem is much harder to handle for the developers.

The complaints vary from lag issues to problems with encounters being too hard, to having problems even understanding the mechanics or what they want the player to do. It’s clear that POE players both love and hate aspects of these systems, and the systems need some work. However, Grinding Gear Games has to put as much effort as they can into new content if they want to avoid mistakes like those made with Synthesis League. So they had to make a choice between hamstringing development on Path of Exile 3.7, or pushing the iteration on old content to a later patch. And now we know that GGG has made the decision to push working on Delve and Betrayal until the next patch with 3.8.

This means that their full attention is on Path of Exile: Legion, which should hopefully make this release shine that much brighter. The reasons for not overworking employees to adjust old content are valid enough, but also focusing on the quality of current releases is admirable too.

Now we just have to wait until the next patch to see what the team has planned. Path of Exile: Legion launches on June 7th for PC and June 10th for consoles. The unknown 3.8 expansion launches in September.

Source: POE Site

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