How to Get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Tailoring is a big thing in this game, and that means you need materials to make clothing and armor. Project Zomboid Build 41 introduced new sources of materials, as well as recipes to craft. There are a few things you can do with Tailoring. You can add padding to all your clothing. Each level of Tailoring improves the defensive effectiveness of this padding. This could help save you from a zombie bite, so make use of it when you can. You can also patch holes in clothing. Some items like shoes cannot be repaired.

But to do any of this, you need materials. And if you want to deck yourself out in cool leather garb, you need Leather Strips in Project Zomboid.

How to get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid?

The best way to get these strips is to break down clothing items. You need to specifically focus on Leather and Denim items, as these yield Leather Strips and Denim Stips respectively. Ripping up other clothing types and sheets yields Ripped Sheets. You need Scissors to do this. Scissors can be found in desks and sometimes in storage shelves. Schools are a great place to find them.

As you rip more clothes up, you get more XP for your tailoring skill as well. At level 8 Tailoring, you will be able to repair holes completely with the right kind of fabric. So just get to that point and you can repair any clothing item if you have the mats.

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What are Leather Strips in Project Zomboid used for?

Most cases that require this crafting material are clothing-related. To make use of many of these, you need to find Needle and Thread as well, so be on the lookout for that. You can also harvest thread from certain clothes types. When you have materials, it’s time to get to work.

How to Get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid

PZ Clothing Build 41

To patch up your clothing, make sure you find a needle and thread, as well as the correct materials. You don’t need to match materials to make a simple patch. Now, just right-click on the clothing you wish to repair and select the option Inspect. Any red spots on the clothing item in the new menu represent holes. You can also right-click and select Add Padding to add a bit of defense to your items.

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