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In Cyberpunk 2077 Attribute Points are the core of your stats in the game. Cyberpunk 2077’s incredibly lethal and glamorous world has a ton of stuff to do. As you play through the game you will notice that more and more enemies get tougher. There’s an attribute system at play here that determines your overall stats and perks. Having too few points in one area can make some bosses or other challenges more lethal. Keeping that in mind,  here’s what each Attribute does, along with how to level them up via Attribute Points:

How to Level Up Attributes

Similar to other RPGs, you have a base set of different attributes that allow you to build your character according to your desire. Depending on what playstyle you like, you will want to hyperfocus on certain perks and Attribute Point allocations in the game. If you’re focusing on a type of weapon, you will want to go for attributes that affect that weapon type and give you a damage boost.

Additionally, whenever V levels up, you will gain an Attribute Point to spend. You can also gain Perk Points which can be spent in a similar way. Unlocking certain Perks and focusing on Attribute Points will give you a variety of different bonuses. Also, keep in mind that there are certain perk choices and gameplay decisions that will require some threshold for some Attributes.

When investing in Cyberpunk 2077 Attribute Points, you want to consider what kind of build you want to play. The game has a lot of choices to offer, but you should only really focus on putting your points into one or two stats. This way, you can focus your playstyle on a certain approach to missions, hacking and combat. Here’s the breakdown of each Attribute and what it’s useful for.

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What Does Each Attribute Do?


Body is all about physical strength and toughness. It’s basically a mix of Constitution and Strength if you’re going by TTRPG standards. If you’re focusing on the melee side of things and want to be very tough to kill, this where you want to focus your effort. A high schore here will also allow you to force open doors and barricades that weaker players wouldn’t be able to beat. Players with a high Body stat can also rip guns right out of turrets as well to bypass defenses. Very helpful for hunting fortified bounty targets.

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Intelligence is the main stat that affects hacking in the game. Whether than using raw physical strength to overcome challenges, you’re all about brains if you’re into this stat. You could also gain some superpowered Quickhacks with a high enough intelligence. These can be very useful in combat. You will gain minor bonuses in combat when using certain weapon classes as well, namely Smart weapons. If you focus here and in certain other stats, you could certainly make a very effective stealth build that can literally shoot enemies you can’t see automatically. You can also buff Technical if you want drones to help you out in combat.


Reflex is your Dexterity. This can offer general defensive buffs, but also makes it easier to use the non-smart Power Weapons category. The better you are in this Attribute, the more effective you are with generic shotguns and rifles. YOu can also increase your attack speed a bit, making for a potent melee build when combined with Body. Another choice is to focus on high critical damage, for wiping out foes with your increased speed. If you want to be a ninja, go for the combo of Reflex and Cool.


Technical is the primary interaction stat for crafting in Cyberpunk 2077. Some items can only be broken down with a high enough Technical stat. You will also unlock special crafting recipes as well. You will get some rather awesome gear by pumping this up, and that’s just the tip of the electronic iceberg. You will gain huge bonuses to Technical Weapon effects and damage through buffing this stat. If you’re a cyberdemon looking to rule the world through hacking and sophisticated weaponry, this can be combined with Intelligence to make some very interesting builds.


This is the primary Charisma Attribute for the game. when investing into Cool, you’re also getting a bonus to stealth and a few very minor alterations to other skills. When you pump up Cool in tandem with other skills, it can unlock some very intriguing interactions. If you’re a Smart Weapons player, this can be helpful for creating an auto-attack build, and that’s just the start. You can also get some bonuses to some damage-over-time abilities in line with the Stealth buffs.

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