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Dead by Daylight introduces new killer with scary new trailer

Dead by Daylight Reveals New Female Killer

Dead by Daylight the multiplayer horror title has revealed it’s newest killer. This horrific new addition is a new take on an old horror theme, that being religious zealotry and terror. This fifteenth killer will join the game as part of the Demise of the Faithful patch, which will mark the 11th major DLC addition to the game.

Developers Behavior Interactive released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming new content, which can be seen down below. This trailer showcases the new killer, The Plague, and her rotten and disturbing new abilities. And as you could guess from her name, The Plague has some very nasty abilities in store to unleash upon the survivors.

Her main ability is called Vile Purge, which vomits Plague and spreads it across the map through direct contact. The disease the plague causes Survivors to get progressively sicker and slow them down. Her weapon will be the censer, a religious item used to burn incense, that functions more as a mace-and-chain flail.

You can check out the trailer for the latest patch, and the new killer, down below.

The other big new piece of content coming to Dead by Daylight with this new DLC is a new map, called The Temple of Purgation. This new map fits right in with the theme of the overall expansion too. Expect plenty of religious iconography and disease-ridden nooks and crannies.

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The other addition is a new Survivor by the name of Jane Romero. Her gameplay style is geared towards being a stealthy support character designed to counter The Plague. Jane has special healing abilities unique to her character that allow healing items she uses to affect both herself and another Survivor. This should make dealing the vile toxins of the new killer much easier. Jane Romero also leaves no scratches behind when fixing a generator, making her harder to track for the player acting as the killer.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with plans to launch on Nintendo Switch in fall 2019.

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