Where To Find Hardened Carapace In Remnant: From The Ashes

How to Find Hardened Carapace in Remnant: From The Ashes

The Swamps of Corsus contains various items that can be found or crafted that can increase your power. One of these is the new Hardened armors made from various bug parts. A special beetle in this area is your target, as it’s the main source for Hardened Carapace in Remnant: From The Ashes. As part of the DLC, there’s one particular bug that will always spawn within the Hall of Whispers that always drops the Carapace pieces you need. Here’s how to find it.

Start within the Swamps of Corpus Adventure Mode spawn, and hunt through the underground areas looking for Stalagmites. The large stone pillars jutting out from the ground denote the entrance to the Hall of Whispers. The area won’t always be in the same place, as the map layouts are randomized. However, it’s a good bet that the entrance will be just before the Dream Eater boss.

Find the Hall of Whispers and journey through the area. Your destination for finding the Hardened Carapace in Remnant: From The Ashes is any branch of the zone that ends in a circular room with a dead end. This room will always spawn within the zone, although the Hall won’t spawn in every adventure. If you don’t get the giant stalagmite, you need to restart the adventure.

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The bug will run away very quickly, so just look for the red and black glow and open fire. If you hit it you should gain one of two items that will give you a nice boost in power. The two unique items dropped from the bug are listed below:

Amulet Of Epicaricacy
Increases Mod Power generation by 10% when attacking an enemy with an active Status Effect. Mod Power generation is increased by an additional 25%.

Ring of the Mantis
Increases fire rate by 10% and Crit Damage by 20% when the wearer stops moving for 1.5 seconds.

These are nice, but they are not your goal. Depending on your luck you may get a different type of bug spawn each time. The color of the bug will be your indicator for what loot you’re going to get when it’s killed. The Black Bug will drop the Hardened Carapace. It seems to be a very rare spawn though, so you may have to work at it.

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