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V Rising is a new vampiric action game from Stunlock Studios. By blending crafting and adventure together with a robust combat system, they’ve created something quite special. And by infusing it with bloody good fun, the Early Access version has already found a ton of immediate popularity and success. It’s almost like there’s a magical force compelling players to adventure in these dark and bloody lands, but really, it’s just cause the game is cool.

You get put in charge of reclaiming the lost domain of an ancient vampire, and you must build up from basically nothing. There are multiple tiers of recipes, and many powerful items to claim. As you expand that gothic castle, you will unlock more interesting recipes. And if you want to go for a more aesthetic theme, you need a lot of materials to build those items.

Be sure to check out our other guides on scrolls, and other materials like fish oil. Other upgrades like Whetstones are pretty useful as well. Other aspects of the game can help with your journey, like farming in V Rising and growing stuff from seeds. Seeds harvested from bosses can be used to grow unique items for crating intriguing new armor. Some of the best armor in the game is the Dark Silver gear, which is super powerful. And since you’re trying to get more powerful gear, leather can be helpful as well.

What are V Rising Cave Passages?

The main reason for V Rising Cave Passages is to have a quick method to move around the map. They are a direct form of fast travel that allows the vampire to move between zones at a quick pace. They’re less common than waygates and can only be used on specific routes. When you enter one end of a Cave Passage, you simply pop out the other end. You will eventually unlock the blueprint for a Vampire Waygate at your Castle by beating Polora the Feywalker boss. That’s the preferrable option for most players.

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To find these passages, you will have to manually uncover them. Look for bright red cracks on the side of a rock wall, these signify entrances you can use. They will be marked on your map once you find them. When you find the entrance, press the F key to fast travel from one end to the other.

The exit will drop you out in a set location each time, determined by where you went in. The exits are always found on top of cliffs, so you can’t go back in the other direction once you hop down. The biggest use of this fast travel method is to quickly return from a zone to the general area of your castle.

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