Remnant From the Ashes: How to Get the Iskal Hunter Band

How to Find Hardened Carapace in Remnant: From The Ashes

The Iskal Hunter Band in Remnant From the Ashes is one of many different items that has been introduced with the new Swamps of Corpus DLC in Remnant From the Ashes. There are some rather powerful items here, and if you’re looking for a nice DPS boost, here’s your first stop in the new DLC to get a cool ring.

Start from the Adventure Mode within the Swamps of Corpus and move through the zone until you find that same pillar of stone that marks the interest of the Hall of Whispers. The entrance is just before the Dream Eater boss. Once there, head deeper into the Hall of Whispers and look for the same round room that has the beetles in it from hunting for the Hardened Carapace.

The beetle spawn can be found in both Hall of Whispers and Strange Pass dungeons, although the Hall of Whispers is a faster run.

The Iskal Hunter Band is reliant on RNG, and just like the Hardened Carapace in the Hall of Whispers, is dependant on those same colored beetles deep in the zone. As with the black beetles, you need to possibly repeat the run to find the beetles you want. The color you’re looking for are the red beetles, both the black ones like the Hardened Carapace.

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Check the image below for an example of the beetle you’re looking for.

The Iskal Hunter Band is actually pretty useful. As a ring it offers a 35% reduction to Spread on any weapon. This will allow the player to target their damage in a rather powerful way. There are other rings and gear dropped by the other beetles, but the red ones are the ones you want for this particular item.

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