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The Scope – Hilen Tukoss Broadcast Revealed


Coming as a sort of confirmation of speculation about the new “drifter Wormholes” on Singularity, The Scope in-game news service has published a video containing a garbled transmission from a scout vessel apparently destroyed inside one of these areas.  Lina Ambre hosts a breaking news report from The Scope, as a broadcast made by former Zainou Biotech scientist Hilen Tukoss are revealed.   The broadcast was leaked from sources within Eifyr & Co and is reported to be the last known communication from the missing scientist.  DED have issued a statement regarding the release.

The Drifters in these wormholes appear to be gathering a massive invasion force, if the recordings are genuine, this could mean a fullscale war between factions of sleepers, Jovians, and their descendants will spill over into Empire space.

The ticker information in this Scope transmission is as follows:

. . .Vessels in Zaimeth

Nugoeihuvi resumes operations in Arcurid after Qaian tower re-opens for business on schedule.

Joleyn Donalokos successfully defends mindclash interstellar championship title during challenge by Laharl Al-kador at sold-out 425,000 capacity Dam-Torsad Imperial gigadrome.

Intaki Liberation Front condemns separatist bombing of Federal Freight cargo port on Ostingele VII.

Chauffe Vultures defeat Lacroix Sabres 56-37 in Essence Regional Gravball Championships.

Ishukone Corporation confirms final cleanup of all salvageable materials from CN Shigeru crash site as Wyrkomi are authorized to assist with Kaalakiota Peaks Conservation program.

CONCORD remains under increased pressure from capsuleers over alliance identity registration restrictions.

Rumors of Black Le-

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