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New gameplay footage released for Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2

The recent release of Path of Exile 3.10 has drummed up a ton of hype, with the new Delirium League generating plenty of fun combat and looting for the POE fan. But the fanbase is always looking forward to the future, namely the next major release of the franchise, that’s right I said franchise. Earlier in 2019 developer Grinding Gear Games teased Path of Exile 4.0, otherwise known as Path of Exile 2. This reveal happened during the first-ever ExileCon, a fan convention put on by the developers in their home country of New Zealand.

Grinding Gear Games has released the first Behind the Scenes video for Path of Exile 2, showcasing new elements of the game as it’s in development. In this latest video, composer Kamil sits down with a community member to discuss how GGG is approaching sound design and writing music for the new version, with a focus on the first act of the game’s story.

There is of course so much more coming in POE 2 beyond new music though.

The new version of the game will completely rewrite both the story and gameplay that fans are used to. And part of that entails an entirely new musical score. Along with those changes, comes completely new game mechanics that means it’s basically the ultimate version of the POE experience. GGG is super excited about it, and you should be too. There will also be completely new art, environments, character classes and more applied for POE 2.

And with all of the success Grinding Gear Games has had with Path of Exile, topping Steam’s most played list and setting new records for concurrent user counts,

Path of Exile 2 will release on the PC in 2021. Check out the first real footage of Path of Exile 2 down below.

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