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Astral Chain sold 1 million copies

Astral Chain

Nintendo has announced its earnings report for Q4 2019, revealing a ton of growth for the Switch and its games. The various titles released for the portable console have led to a new high mark for Nintendo. The Switch has even managed to outsell the Xbox One in a mere 34 months, compared to the 72 months Xbox One took to hit 50 million units. The Switch has cemented a solid second place in the current console generation with 52 million consoles sold.

Astral Chain is joined by Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 as being one of the few Switch video game releases to surpass 1 million sales in December 2019. These two games leaned heavily on the power of their branding. PlatinumGames has made a solid reputation for action titles and unique experience, and the strength of the Marvel brand is unquestioned at this point.

Astral Chain has sold 1.03 million copies, while Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is just behind with 1.02 million copies sold; with both accounting for both physical and digital sales for both games.

Game Director Takahisa Taura jumped on Twitter to celebrate, thanking the fans for supporting the new action game. Astral Chain has such a unique story and theme that it was guaranteed to become a strong offering for those looking for stylish anime action and a general feeling of smooth action. Of course, some people were salty that the game was exclusive to Switch, even going so far as to review bomb the game.

And with the new announcement of a full HD remaster of The Wonderful 101 announced, and fully funded in mere hours, PlatinumGames has roared into a powerful spot in 2020. The HD remaster of The Wonderful 101 has been confirmed for Switch, PS4 and PC after more than $800,000 was raised for the project via Kickstarter.

This combined with the success of Astral Chain has led to many hoping that other PlatinumGames projects will be seen throughout the year.

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