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Nintendo won’t be adding tons of SNES games to Switch, yet

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With the initial offering of the Switch Online Service, Nintendo had rolled out a smattering of NES and SNES retro titles for the portable platform. These offerings were considered slim by some, and a lot gamers and Nintendo fans wanted more, because of course they did. After all, old Nintendo titles are the bread and butter of nostalgia for an entire legion of modern gamers. The NES and SNES platforms are what so many gamers cut their teeth on when they were growing up. So it stands to reason

Nintendo has been slowly adding offerings of new games to the stable of old titles on the Switch, but their pace has been positively glacial. Games have typically been dropped onto the platform as part of the Online Service subscription in small bundles once a month, and it looks like even that was too fast.

Nintendo says games will still be added from time to time, just “irregularly” with no set schedule. It isn’t all that surprising though, as Nintendo has a history of erratic release schedules for a variety of platforms and services. No details yet on what games are coming either.

But with the release of a steady stream of new titles, like the Iron Galaxy port of Overwatch, and a torrent of other titles, Nintendo probably isn’t too worried. And with the Switch Lite starting to pick up steam though, they might want to pump the accelerator a bit.

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So while some gamers are likely to be upset, it looks like there’s little that can be done for now.

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