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“The Scope” program from Galactic News Network (CCP’s ingame creation to release official news), has a new video out, this time on Drifters. It does confirm, for the record, that Caroline’s Star did in fact originate in Jove space.

The majority of the video covers the new NPC faction, Drifters, that have been released in EVE’s last expansion.

This is marks the third time CCP has used The Scope to tie real player actions into the back story. Previously, in a nod to lore enthusiasts, The Scope released: The Scope: Shattered WorldsIs this a new trend or a stalling measure while they work out Sov mechanics?  Time will tell.

Interesting Note: In the news crawl at the bottom of the video, other news items are listed.  In this case, the pilot of the Thanatos that went down to a Drifter battleship, Dantheus, is quoted as saying the capsuleer platitude, “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.” Only this time, CCP responds in character, giving a roleplaying reaction to the comment that “caused a stir among the families of the 9783 crew members” of the Thanatos.

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In the back story, capsuleers are often hated for their disregard of non-immortal crew members. This news confirms the debated facts about ship crews and that pilots are not alone on their ships. The Sisters of EVE faction are said to show up after capsuleer fleet fights to pick up escape pods and corpses as part of their missionary work.

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