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New Baldur’s Gate 3 news teased for February

Baldur’s Gate 3

According to a new and mysterious Tweet, Larian Studios has something in the works concerning Baldur’s Gate 3. In a newly revealed teaser for the game, Larian showed just the slightest bit of details. The teaser doesn’t show any gameplay, instead providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the development of the new RPG. Back when Baldur’s Gate 3 was first announced, fans speculated heavily about what new content and story it contained, and we may be about to find out. Apparently, “something’s brewing” for February 27th.

Baldur’s Gate is part of the Sword Coast and is situated very close to the Sea of Swords in Faerûn, the legendary setting within Dungeons&Dragons and various fantasy fiction properties. Ever since the setting was first published in 1987 by TSR, Inc. it has grown to legendary status among RPG fans of all ages and tastes. And with the Baldur’s Gate franchise, it was brought into a whole new realm. As players got to explore the Sword Coast and the realms beyond in the first two games, many fell in love with the setting. So it stands to reason that people would be rather excited to return.

This reveal could literally be anything. With the modern gaming era, there’s been a much bigger desire among fans to see massive AAA RPGs as the gold standard. CD Projekt Red all but perfected the delivery of an immersive and story-driven RPG with The Witcher games, and Larian will no doubt want to tap into some of that fan fervor for their game. Although this doesn’t meant that Baldur’s Gate 3 will have the sprawling questlines, dialogue trees and open world of other rival titles, it does mean that the developer needs to put their best foot forward.

Larian Studios has quite the history in the games industry. Their work on Divinity: Original Sin 2  had a pretty positive impact, with many fans considering it an excellent CRPG. And with the studio pushing the classic Baldur’s Gate franchise into a new era, there’s a lot of potential for greatness.

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