How to complete the CatLife Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the CatLife Challenge in BitLife

The latest BitLife challenge has arrived a day earlier than normal challenges. It looks like CandyWriter wants to get a jump on the weekend traffic with a new boost for their latest game, CatLife. The CatLife Challenge in BitLife is actually the center of the new challenge.

Let’s just hope this new game doesn’t have the same disgusting content that DogLife does, running into major controversy. Anyway, here’s what to do to finish the new weekly challenge.

How to complete the CatLife Challenge in BitLife

These are all tasks you need to finish the CatLife Challenge in BitLife. It’s a very simple challenge, as it has no real in-game tasks involved.

  • Try our new game, CatLife. You can download it now!

Like previous challenges, you get a special in-game cosmetic for doing this, so why not just do it real quick. You just need to download the new game with the same Google Play or Apple store profile that you play BitLife on. Doing so on a different device or profile will not yield the resulting completed challenge. So go download it if you want that new profile addon.

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Once you have played the game for a short time, and then switch back to BitLife, you will have completed the CatLife Challenge in BitLife.

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