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GSF Aeon Down in 150 Man Brawl

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Early in the hours of October 7, 2015 a Goonswarm-owned Supercarrier died in Deklein in the system of II-5O9. The cause for this loss was attributed to attempts by it’s pilot to help a tackled GSF carrier. The first carrier that was initially tackled by Pandemic Legion and it’s allies had been caught ratting in the system by PL bombers. The eventually doomed Aeon along with several other capitals  and mixed support came in to kill a cynosural inhibitor that had been ignited in the area, preventing the trapped carrier from escaping.

The slow reaction of the Imperium forces definitely caused issues as primary FCs could not respond and form to the super pilot fast enough to turn the situation around. This was due to Jabber malfunctions on the Imperium side. Nonetheless, support did arrive and put up a valiant fight in an attempt to minimize losses.

The Aeon and support ships were able to clear said inhibitor before the first tackled carrier went down. Tragedy struck shortly thereafter. To bridge in a support fleet, The Aeon pilot lit a cyno, but as it was in the wrong position it wouldn’t allow the reinforcement fleet to get into position fast enough. Things went from bad to worse as a Talos support fleet arrived from lowsec to reinforce PL on field. At this point, a second cynosural inhibitor went up. Forcing any and all new ships to gate into the fight. Tackle was secured on the Aeon by PL and the rest was all academic as the super died shortly thereafter, along with several Billion ISK in Imperium carriers and subcaps.

The lack of a supporting cap chain and an improper fit are the culprits of the loss of the Aeon on the battlefield. As it was impossible to refit to passive tank and after being hit with energy neutralizers, the local armor reps tapped out the last of the super’s capacitor.

Imperium did take their pound of flesh as a sizable number of PL subcaps died. But the battle was a rousing Pandemic Legion victory, with over 50 Billion ISK destroyed; nearly all losses being taken by Imperium forces. Chief among the losses were of course the Aeon, 3 Chimera [1] [2] [3], 1 Thanatos, and a Nomad implant pod.

Pandemic Legion are possibly doing a bit of a victory lap today after this kill and their crowning as AT champions. Despite the loss for the Imperium, spirits remain high on both sides and the Aeon pilot is happy they got to lose their ship in a knock down, drag out fight.

A POV video for the Aeon pilot can be see below:

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